(15229) Brad R2.0 Wall Batts 1160x580x90 18pk (12.2m2) – Network Building Supplies

(15229) Brad R2.0 Wall Batts 1160x580x90 18pk (12.2m2)


Bradford Gold™ insulation for walls is specifically designed to deliver optimal performance in exterior cavity walls. You can lose up to 25% of the heat in your home through the walls in winter and around the same amount of heat can enter in through the walls during summer. Insulation essentially acts as a barrier to slow down this process and makes a substantial different to the temperature you will feel inside, meaning you can live more comfortably.

*When ordering this product you will be charged the standard delivery flat rate. You will then be contacted by our staff with any additional transportation costs associated with this product, due to the extra logistic costs This product is generally available to Sydney Metro customers only. Please contact for more information.



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