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Adhesives & Sealants

Applying our quality adhesives, compounds and tapes to the surfaces of your building materials, ensures they are securely fastened or bound together – whether it’s for permanent or temporary purposes.

Abrasives & Scourers Adhesives Construction Structural Grout Cylinder Sprays Flooring Sealants Tools & Accessories Waterproofing

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Helping you secure objects together with ease and efficiency, we have durable fasteners that come in multiple sizes and variations. They create non-permanent joints without causing damage to the materials you’re using.

Collated Screws

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At Network Building Supplies, we stock a range of other quality trade materials that will help you in different areas with your building projects.

Manhole Frames Roof Ventilators Solvents Tapes Washroom Accessories Wipes

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Tools and Site Accessories

The range of tools and site accessories we supply from trusted brands ensures you have the right professional quality materials you need to carry out construction, and repairs on the job site.

Hand Tools Paints Power Tools & Accessories Safety Wear Scaffolds Trestles, Planks & Stools

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We are your trusted building materials provider offering the highest quality products and expertise to guarantee your project’s success from start to finish. Browse through our online store to view our range of building materials or contact our team for larger supplies or if you need us to source something specific.