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Compounds, Adhesives and Sealants

Securing and maintaining your plasterboard to interior walls and ceilings

Network Building Supplies stocks a full range of compounds, adhesives and sealants from CSR Gyprock to support the installation of your plasterboards and cornices. 

Through these high-performing products, you can effectively join components, prevent leaks and block the entry of moisture, air and other elements.

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Base Coats

By providing high-level adhesion and joint strength, a base coat allows you to achieve a smooth finish on any wall and ceiling application.

At Network Building Supplies, we equip you with Base Coat 20, 45, 60 and 90 for superior quality joints and Gyprock Easy-Base™ for when water is not readily accessible. We also supply Ultra-Base MR 60 that is mould-resistant and Wet Area Base Coat that is moisture-resistant.

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Topping Compounds

Even though they are easy to apply and sand, you can rely on topping compounds to dry quickly and give your finished wall a professional touch. 

We have a heavyweight topping compound (Jointmaster™), a semi-lightweight topping compound (Easy-Finish™) and a lightweight topping compound (Easy-Finish™) available for your specific requirements.

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Other Joint Compounds

Network Building Supplies is also complete with other kinds of joint compounds suited to your specific project needs. 

We have the most versatile all-purpose compounds (Pre-mixed Total Joint Cement, Easy-Flow™ and Ultra-AP™) that you can utilise as all three coats in a joining system. One Finish is a kind of surfacer that delivers a uniform surface on plasterboards affected by critical lighting conditions. Lastly, we have a variety of repair compounds (Pro-Repair 10, Rapid-Set and Plaster Accelerator) for your patching jobs.

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Adhesives ensure your plasterboard and cornices are securely bound with the surface beneath – regardless of whether it’s made from timber, steel, masonry or other material types. 

At Network Building Supplies, you can efficiently pick from our wide range of quality adhesives (Acrylic Stud Adhesive, Back-Blocking Cement, Cornice Cement 45, 60 and 90, Gyprock Drywall Masonry Adhesive 100 and Masonry Adhesive) to help you with your plastering needs.

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The use of sealants to minimise gaps is necessary to guarantee the superior acoustic and fire-resistant performance of your plastering systems.

From CSR FireSeal™ that contains a UV indicator, to the water-based acrylic sealant Fire Mastic and Wet Area Acrylic Sealant that has moisture and mould resistance, you can be assured that Network Building Supplies delivers only quality sealants for your projects.

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