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Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium Composite Panels

We supply aluminium Mitsubishi Alpolic and Prodema composite panels for the Australian Construction Industry.

Contact our helpful team today for more information regarding architectural specification, aluminium composite panel qualities, and any other quieries you may have.

With a wealth of experience through our SGI Architectural team we have project advise, and connections to fabricators and builders Australia-wide.

Aluminium Composite Panels

We supply the architectural market with eco-friendly aluminium facades, timber and cement composite panels, clay tiles, non combustible rockwool cored sandwich panels and architectural glass.

Each of these products has the capabilities to allow architects and designers to achieve levels of design previously thought impossible.

Modern structures can now be built with fire-resistant, sustainable, lightweight and rigid materials allowing for stylish and contemporary designs.

Our Cladding Panels


PRODEMA® is a composite panel faced with a natural wood veneer and coated with a proprietary coating, based on synthetic resins and PVDF, which protect the panel from the effects of UV sunlight, chemical attack, and the damage caused by atmospheric agents.

Each Prodema natural wood panel is unique and will exhibit differences in grain and colour within the same supply. Prodema carefully selects the wood veneers in an endeavour to ensure that the colour within a batch will be as homogeneous as possible.

Mitsubishi Alpolic

ALPOLIC®/fr is an Aluminium Composite Panel that is specifically designed for the construction industry. ALPOLIC/fr is composed of high percentage of non-combustible mineral filled core sandwiched between two skins of 0.5mm thick aluminium. Total thickness is 3, 4 or 6mm.

The topside is coated with fluorocarbon paint and the backside is a wash coating. By meeting fire codes worldwide, obtaining Codemark certification and accommodating aesthetic and budgetary considerations, ALPOLIC®/fr sets the standard for fire safety.

These light yet rigid, fire retardant panels have broadened architectural horizons and inspired new aesthetic and functional achievement in building design around Australia. Fully backed with a manufacturers warranty from Mitsubishi Plastics, Alpolic®/fr guarantees innovation, quality and value on all projects.

See below for more information regarding our Mitsubishi Alpolic and Prodema ranges:

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