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Leading the market in fire-safe aluminium composite cladding

ALPOLIC™ NC takes fire protection to the next level. With its non-combustible core, ALPOLIC™ NC was developed by the global recognised and trusted Mitsubishi Corporation to address the growing concerns around flammable risk by meeting the new government standards introduced into the Australian market. It can be utilised for internal and external cladding, roof coverings in new buildings and re-clad applications that require non-combustible materials.

Fire safety is ALPOLIC™ NC’s priority

ALPOLIC™ NC is a fire-safe, fully compliant, aluminium composite material that is composed of a non-combustible mineral core containing zero polyethylene, making it very different and far superior to other aluminium cladding alternatives on the market.

Scientifically proven through real fire tests around the globe, ALPOLIC™ NC is acknowledged as the world’s safest aluminium facade product.

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Why choose ALPOLIC™ NC?

Each ALPOLIC™ NC sheet is 4mm thick and made up of fluoropolymer coating (Lumiflon based), 0.5 aluminium, rust preventing paint, non-combustible mineral core and service coating on the reverse side.

When choosing ALPOLIC™ NC you not only get a cost effective, fully compliant and quality solution, you also have the comfort of knowing you are dealing with a world leading brand that has been around for over 40 years with a great reputation.

ALPOLIC™ NC is stocked in Australia in a wide range of sizes and colours ready for your next project.

Product Attributes

ALPOLIC™ NC displays excellent flatness that has been developed from a continuous laminating process.

Finish Durability
The Lumiflon composition makes ALPOLIC™ NC UV resistant and longer lasting than other finishes on the market.

With a service coating on the reverse side, ALPOLIC™ NC is more resistant to galvanic corrosion.

ALPOLIC™ NC’s versatility allows it to be cut, routed, folded and rolled easily to suit the shape of your façade.

ALPOLIC™ NC can be recycled – making it sustainable and environmental-friendly.

Features and Benefits
Colour Uniformity

Through the advance process of Die-Coater coil coating, ALPOLIC™ NC leads the market with its colour consistency.

20 Year Warranty

An industry-leading 20-year full-replacement warranty backed by the globally trusted Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec.


Having a 4mm thick panel that equates to 3.3mm thick solid aluminium, ALPOLIC™ NC is extremely rigid.