GTPRO Power Dust Extractor VCP 320 E
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GTPRO Power Dust Extractor VCP 320 E

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GTPRO Power Dust Extractor VCP 320 E


• The GTPRO Dust Extractor is used for extracting non-hazardous dust, dirt, sand and chips, as well as extracting water

• Power 400 – 1200W

• Container Capacity – 32ltr

• Suction Hose – 36mm x 3m

• Re-usable Cloth bags and Disposable Paper bags can be used

• Intake Opening for extracting material

• Appliance Socket for operation option when connected or disconnected to power

• Folding Handle for ease when moving and when storing

• Locking Clips to give an airtight seal to the dust container

• Cable and Hose Holder for ease of storage

• Exhaust Opening for blowing out material





 Q: How does the GTPRO Dust Extractor compare to other models on the market?

A: The GTPRO Dust Extractor is built in Germany by Protool and therefore contains the features that are imperative for use in commercial applications.

Q: What Bags are used in the GTPRO Dust Extractor?

A:GTPRO have available a long-life re-usable cloth bag and disposable paper bags when extracting particles. However, when extracting water no bags are necessary.

Q: Can the GTPRO Dust Extractor be used with other brands of Power Sanders on the market?

A:Yes, the GTPRO Dust Extractor is adaptable to most brands of Powered Sanders available on the market.


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