Rockwool 120kg Plain Pipe Insulation 26.9 x 25mm x 1m
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Rockwool 120kg Plain Pipe Insulation 26.9 x 25mm x 1m

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Rockwool preformed Sectional Pipe Insulation (SPI) is a non-combustible* insulation used to insulate pipework in commercial buildings and industrial applications. Rockwool SPI is made from volcanic rock which is melted and spun into fibres and then moulded using a thermosetting resin. Rockwool SPI has excellent fire properties making it suitable for use through fire-rated walls in commercial buildings.

Rockwool SPI can be supplied plain or faced with a reflective foil laminate. The product is supplied in a range of sizes to suit both copper and steel piping and comes in various wall thicknesses to suit most insulation requirements. With a density of 120kg/m3, and maximum service temperature of 650°C Rockwool SPI is ideal for use with boilers, reactors, heat exchangers, autoclaves, kilns and many other industrial applications. InsulRock Rockwool SPI comes in 1 metre lengths which are easy to install and cut.

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