Easy Lift 2 - Graffiti Remover 1L

Easy Lift 2 - Graffiti Remover 1L


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Easy-lift removers are most effective when used on surfaces coated with Invisishield.         Easy-lift products are also effective ona non-protected surface; however, it will require more applications of easy-lift and take longer to remove any graffiti.  

The easy-lift graffiti removers are available in 20Ltr, 10Ltr, 5Ltr and 1Ltr containers.

The easy-lift products vary in strength and are numbered and colour coded from easy-lift 1 through to easy-lift 5.

Because graffiti can appear on a wide range of surfaces and take many forms such as marker pen and spray paint it is important to have the correct graffiti remover for the job. Graffiti on Perspex for example will be damaged if a remover suitable for brick is used. In addition to easy-off ECA have developed the easy-lift range of graffitiremovers to meet the requirements of our customers no matter what type of graffiti or its location.       

Easy-lift 1: Removal of marker pen.    
Easy-lift 2: Perspex, marker pen and Painted surfaces.    
Easy-lift 3: General and MP paint.    
Easy-lift 4: Brick, MP and Paint.    
Easy-lift 5: Stripper used on hard to damage surfaces.    
Easy-Finish: Neutralise and clean up.    

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