Easy On Protective Coating - Anti Graffiti 0.42L

Easy On Protective Coating - Anti Graffiti 0.42L


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0.42L Easy on = 14 - 16.8m2 Coverage

Cost per m2 = $8.53 - $10.23


Easy-on is a revolutionary graffiti prevention coating which also protects interior and exterior walls from scuffing, marks and stains. Simply brush, roll or spray apply a single clear coat of easy-on over anything you want to protect and the unique easy-on finish will dry to form a tough non-stick barrier capable of resisting all known graffiti media for up to 20 years.

Easy-on has been tested extensively for your peace of mind and is the only anti graffiti coating in the world to be awarded “True Permanent” status by the National Materials Research Institute in the United Kingdom.


  • Resists graffiti and protects coatings. Stops absorption of graffiti and enhances other Coated surfaces to provide long term durability.
  • Apply to any surface!
  • Compatible with clean metals, brick, concrete, tile, mortar, timber, plaster, etc or as a protection over existing coatings.
  • One coat – easy application – permanent finish.
  • Weathering and UV resistant.
  • Up to 22 years protection.
  • Stop using harmful chemical removers.
  • Graffiti washes away with safe removal products.
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