Rockcote Smooth Set – The key to the industrial concrete finish you’re seeing everywhere

The industrial aesthetic has gained immense popularity over the past few years; the likes of trendy cafés and apartment lofts have adopted this style to create rustic, yet cool and composed environments for living and relaxing.

Rockcote Smooth Set Close-up

The most prevalent aspect of obtaining the industrial look is the polished concrete finish

A cost-effective option for both interior and exterior applications, Rockcote Smooth Set is a cement-polymer, powdered compound; when applied to substrates, Smooth Set will achieve the Industrial chic finish that you desire.

Rockcote Smooth Set Exterior Image
Rockcote Smooth Set Exterior – Network Building Supplies

Checkout Rockcote‘s video below for a quick demonstration of applying Smooth Set


Network Building Supplies are a Rockcote supplier, and we also have a large range of render supplies and accessories! We tint our Rockcote render on-site and can provide you with advice on render types with our huge render display.

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Acoustic Mount clips? Make sure you’re using the right ones!

Any fan of Channel 9’s ‘The Block’ would be familiar with the term ‘Acoustic Mount Clips’ after the past week’s proceedings. For those not caught up to speed, teammates Kerrie and Spence were faced with the task of replacing a whole suspended ceiling system due to the installation of incorrect Acoustic Ceiling Mounts; in particular, Clips that were not specified by ‘The Block’s’ own Foreman, Dan Reilly.

A recent article published by Domain highlights the dire consequences of not sticking to plan; in Kerrie and Spence’s case, the re-installation of the ceiling system had them temporarily ‘walk’ from the competition.

Situations like this occur all the time in the Construction Industry. Repercussions are just as debilitating as the lost time and labour costs Kerrie and Spence experienced this week.

Rondo STWC Isolation Mount
The specified Rondo STWC Isolation Mount that Kerrie and Spence should  have used

Ensure you’re using the correct Acoustic Mount Clips! Nobody wants to install a suspended ceiling, tear it down, and then reinstall that suspended ceiling again, just ask Kerrie and Spence how that feels.

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Mitsubishi Alpolic FR Approved for use in NSW

The new NSW legislation prohibits the use of Aluminium Composite Panels with a core composition of greater than 30% polyethylene (PE) in any external cladding, external wall and/or façade in buildings of Type A and B Construction as defined in the Building Code of Australia.

Mitsubishi Corporation has lead the way since 2000 by introducing ALPOLIC fr, the ONLY ACM product in Australia that has been SOLELY FR since 2000 in the Construction Sector.

Network Building Supplies are proud distributors of Mitsubishi ALPOLIC fr!

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